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Foot Care

There are no foot transplants! Your feet are the only ones you get!
Studies show, Diabetic patients are at high risk for loss of toes, feet and legs. Did you know non-Diabetic patients are at risk for loss of toes, feet and legs.
Changes in circulation can happen to anyone and are a major contributor to limb loss. I have performed over 600 amputations.
Do Not Think This Can Not Happen To You!!!
80 percent of the amputations could have been avoided with basic education.
You might be asking yourself, 'Why is this information important ?'.
Well what do your feet do for you:
    1- Your feet provide TRANSPORTATION. they allow you to move from point A to point B. They allow you to keep your INDEPENDENCE and SELF RELIANCE. This allows avoidance of assisted living and nursing homes.
    2- Allows you to continue to work. Maintaining wage potential.
    3- Allows you keep up with your children, grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren.
    4- Allows you to continue your RECREATION. Do you play golf? Do you like to shop? Do you like to walk in the mall?
    5- Allows you to keep your HEART HEALTHY. Your heart is a muscle and needs to have exercise.
    7- Allows you to control your sugar levels better.
    8- Allows you to control Congestive Heart Failure better.
    9- Allows better control of Circulation disorders.
At Twin Rivers Podiatry EASTON, we provide podiatric care to patients in need. We exhaust non-surgical techniques before attempting surgical solutions for easier
walking. We work towards: quicker and easier recoveries, the avoidance of future health complications and the prevention of hospitalizations. We will strive to be the
best podiatric care facility in the Lehigh Valley. We are committed to treating you with honesty and respect. We will provide the best treatment we can perform. We will
provide a good work enviornment for a good patient experience. We make every effort to be on time for you. We also enjoy putting smiles on your faces by treating you
Some educative tips to help prevent limb loss:
    1- Look at the bottom of your feet every day with the help of a mirror. Loss of sensation on the bottom of the feet prevent you from feeling changes.
    2- Moisturize your feet every day. Dry feet crack and cause open sores.
    3-Do not go barefoot. Bacteria and fungus lie in waiting to attack.
    4- Dry between your toes with a q-tip. Increase in moisture in this area leads to athletes foot.
    5- do not rip or pull at loose dry skin. Your skin is your best protection against infection. Use gauze or a wash cloth, apply cream to it and rub your skin in a circular motion. this will remove the dry skin without tearing your skin.
 Reasons for Loss of toes and feet:
    1- Loss of circulation
    2- loss of sensation
Limb loss is preventable with education!!!
Learn how to save your feet!!!
Come to a FREE lecture and learn  the symptoms of circulation changes as well as sensation changes. Learn prevention techniques. Learn about treatments. Save your feet you only get two in a lifetime.RMh3JtCw
Make your reservation today!! Call 610-253-2251. Seminar will be  at The Chrin Community center. 4100 Green Pond Rd. Reserved for the first 40, first come first serve. Enter by reservation only!!!
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