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On this page, we will present different stretches and strength techniques for the lower extremities.
These can be performed with easy to get items.
    Achilles Strength:
1-Place a two inch book on the floor about two feet from the wall.
2-Stand on the book with the balls of your feet.
3-Using the wall for balance, lift your heels as high as you can hold for 15 seconds.
4-Return SLOWLY to starting position with heels on the ground.
5-Repeat 10 times
    Anterior leg Muscle Strength:
1- Use an elastic band. You can buy these at the local pharmacy.
2-Tie the two ends together forming a loop.
3-Find a heavy object and place the loop under the leg or corner of the object( ie. Couch)
4-Sit next to the band and place you foot in the loop.
5-The band should rest in the top of your foot as you are sitting down.
6-Slide back keeping your foot inside the loop until there is tension on the loop.
7-The exercise begin by flexing your ankle against the resistance of the band.
8-Hold the position for 10 seconds
9-Relax your ankle and return to starting position
10-Repeat 10 times
    Quadraceps Strength:
1- Stand up staight
2-Place your right foot forward
3-place your left foot behind you as you are only using your toes.
4-As you are placing you left foot back, bend your right knee until it becomes 90 degrees.
5-Keep your right knee over your right foot while doing this exercise.
6-Return to starting position.
7-Repeat 10 times on right leg 
8-Switch to left foot forward and repeat
    Hamstring Strength:
1-Use an exercise ball or a chair with a roller
2-Lay on your back on the ground
3-Place your heels on the exercise ball (chair)
4-Roll the ball towards you tush only by bending your knees.
5-Keep heels on the ball
6-Hold this position for 10 seconds
7-Return to original position by straightening your legs
8-Repeat 10 times.
    Hip Flexors Strength:
1-Stand straight up
2-Lift your right leg and try to lift your knee as high as you can
3-Try to keep your knee bent at 90 degrees.
4-Hold for 10 seconds
5-Repeat for 10 times
6-Repeat with left leg
    Hip Extensors Strength:
1-Get on the ground on all fours
2-Keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees
3-Try and lift your foot straight up as high as you can
4-Return to the beginning position
5-Repeat 10 times
6-Repeat with left side
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